John Jay Myers – Libertarian for U.S. Senate

I do not believe that the Democrats are single handedly destroying this country. I know that they, like the Republicans, are using both hands.

Most of the problems that we face as Americans are caused by unjust manipulation of government. The warfare state, terrorism, outrageous health care and energy costs, ineffective education, and even corruption in government are all prime examples of how our government’s attempts to do good for some, backfire on us all.
Then our government uses the problems it creates to justify taking even more control out of our hands, which leads to even more people who only see government as the answer. Wrong answer.

The Constitution exists to guarantee that no one can exploit the government to further their own profit at the expense of the people.

Well at least that is why it is supposed to exist. It seems to exist now so that the left and right can both destroy the parts they don’t like and pretend to stand for the parts they do.


I only believe in one “conspiracy”. I believe that people with money and power use it to influence politicians, who follow along either through misplaced philanthropy or outright greed, at the expense of everyone else. I realize this is not going to sound shocking to 95% of America, which is probably the saddest part about our current situation.

“The smallest minority on earth is the individual. Those who deny individual rights cannot claim to be defenders of minorities.” ~Ayn Rand


What This Campaign Is About


End the Wars

What are we doing overseas? While our country is rapidly going bankrupt, we are spending over one trillion dollars a year to be the world’s police. Our destructive actions around the world create more terrorists than they stop. We need to bring our troops home from everywhere, now. War is a racket.

End Corporate Welfare

For far too long, the rich and well-connected in Washington have obtained anything they want using their money and power to influence politicians. It is time to strongly limit what government can do, and to make it impossible for politicians to reward their corrupt friends.

Live As You See Fit

Government has no right to tell you whom you can marry, and we shouldn’t be asking them for their permission anyway. Your choice of sexual partners and what substances you put into your body is none of government’s business.




About John Jay Myers

John Jay Myers owns and operates ClearSky24, a screen printing and promotions business, and he recently opened The Free Man Cajun Cafe & Lounge in the Deep Ellum music district of Dallas. John Jay and his wife Chenin have two daughters, Ella and Dagny. Mr. Myers has been active in the Libertarian Party, having served on the Dallas County and Texas executive committees. He currently serves on the Libertarian National Committee. And whether speaking to high school and college liberty groups, or marching against the Fed and marijuana prohibition, John Jay spends his free time bringing a contagious enthusiasm for a peaceful and honest
government wherever he goes.