Thank You to All Supporters!!!

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The entire John Jay Myers for Senate team would like to thank each and every one of you for your support and dedication during this campaign season!

We raised $15,000, traveled to East, West, and Central Texas, ran almost 600 TV ads, passed out 6000 flyers and door hangers, distributed 400 yard signs all over the state, and received 161,000 votes. We have seen that more people than ever are embracing liberty and getting involved. Even the media is having a harder time ignoring us when every campaign article omitting our candidates is challenged by those who want to hear about the alternatives to tyranny and violence.

But the real victories came one at a time with the personal connections we made during the campaign. Those are the victories that your sacrifices have achieved. So many people gave so much of themselves to the campaign, and we are very grateful to everyone who helped.

In particular the campaign would like to thank –

all of our donors who made traveling throughout the state and promoting our message possible,

all of the volunteers who gave up their nights and weekends to do block walking, sign waves, phone banking, debate exclusion protests, media calls, campus outreach, yard sign distribution, and so much more,

all of the county chairs, state party officers, and other leaders throughout the state who helped us with organizing events and fundraisers,

the John Jay Myers for Senate Blog Army for waging the online guerrilla campaign,

Precious Osuchukwu, a high school intern who commuted across town at 6:30 AM every day to help with campaign work, and all of the high school and college students who chose a Libertarian candidate for their volunteer hours,

Tom and Kathie Glass for opening up their home, helping John Jay with everything in Houston, and hosting him on the Kathie Glass Show,

Reed Shahan, who also welcomed us into his home in San Angelo,

John Wilford, Barbara Pratt, Thomas Rainey, Gil Robinson, Laura Valle, Ben Farmer, Allen Weatherford, James Robinson, and so many others who helped with events across the state,

Roman Flute, who produced an amazing, professional television commercial for us,

Garry Reed, the Libertarian Examiner, for covering the entire campaign and Libertarian news in general,

Kevin Turano for providing his office for phone banking,

Heather Fazio, whose dedication and work has supported our state party and so many of our candidates,

Roman Flute and Elizabeth Miller for all of their sleepless nights of campaign work, and all of Gary Johnson’s Texas leaders, for making our Texas Tour with Gary Johnson possible,

Samantha Dunn, Stephen Ketner, John Kurylas, Marcus Huffer, and Curry Taylor for sacrificing time from work to travel with the campaign,

Richard Forsythe, Robert Lee, Daniel Richmond, and Tim Lebsack for contributing their resources to the Pride Parade float, and the entire crew that spent hours decorating the float over the weekend, and then even more hours in the cold rain on parade day,

Curry Taylor for being a campaign leader from start to finish, through thick and thin,

Jordan Wagnon, for his tireless dedication as campaign manager, and his beyond-the-call-of-duty commitment to every aspect of the campaign, big and small,

Chenin Myers for her support, patience, and help through three campaigns,

and finally, John Jay Myers, for stepping up as a leader in so many ways, bringing endless enthusiasm and effort to the cause of liberty, and achieving so many of those personal one-on-one victories everywhere he goes.

As we can see from the list of those who have worked and sacrificed for this campaign, the liberty movement is alive and well, and the involvement and activism is greater than ever. So THANK YOU again to everyone who made this campaign possible. Your efforts are reaching people and making a difference.

In Liberty,

The John Jay Myers for Senate Team


PoliticIt Interviews John Jay Myers

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John Jay Myers on KPRC Houston’s Straight Talk with Candidates

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Candidates were offered a chance to give a two minute message to be aired on KPRC, channel 2, in Houston. John Jay’s message starts around 5:40.

CLICK HERE to watch.



John Jay Myers Launches TV Ad

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The new John Jay Myers commercial will run 575 times on cable TV networks. Donate today to run it even more!


Volunteers Make Phone Calls for John Jay Myers

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Thank you to all of our volunteers who woke up early on Saturday to make calls for the John Jay Myers campaign!! You guys are wonderful!!



John Jay Myers Brings Rain to San Angelo

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John Jay Myers was in San Angelo this weekend and held a fundraiser at Gil’s restaurant. 20 people attended and the campaign raised over $1000. The event was a huge success despite a flood at the original event location. Myers jokingly said that he brought the rain with him to drought stricken West Texas.

Thank you to everyone in San Angelo who made this event possible!

John Jay got some press with this article in the San Angelo Standard Times.


John Jay Myers Protests WFAA

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Thanks to everyone who came out today. You guys are the best!

And thanks to Anna Merlan from the Observer for covering the protest!




And a special thanks to Shaun McAlister of DFW NORML for joining us today!


Campaign Photo Album

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Click here for the full album!




San Antonio